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Alias guarantees full financial administration of your business through up-to-date means of communication and data processing and the undeniable advantage of “speaking the same language” of your customers in all senses, including knowledge of customs and habits.

Based on your document will be issued a statement that summarizes the essential parameters: the value of the goods, date and method of payment. It is then managed by one of several payment forms available: Bank receipts (RIBA), checks, bank transfers, bills of exchange.

The payment process is kept under constant review by the specialist team relying on a proven method of written reminders sent via post, email or fax and of telephone calls.

The transfer of money into your account is finally set at fixed dates with the possibility for you to know exactly from which customer and from which document payment as being derived.

There will therefore be possible:

  • collect your receivables more quickly and consistently increasing cash-flow;
  • reduce administrative overheads;
  • centralize and organize the payment flows;
  • free your staff from the burden of chase and collect personally.
With Alias it’s like you have YOUR OWN CREDIT CONTROL OFFICE IN ITALY because it becomes a true “administrative branch” that allows you to work more simply and effective. Through internet, wherever you are, thanks to a protected and real time updated database, you can constantly monitor your clients’ account situation: an appropriate support on your strategic decisions.
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