1. Financial representation

    Alias guarantees full financial administration of your business through up-to-date means of communication and data processing and the undeniable advantage of “speaking the same language” of your customers in all senses, including knowledge of customs and ...
  2. Credit guarantee

    With credit guarantee, Alias provides you with a service against insolvency risk caused by financial difficulty of Italian clients. It 's the best system, extensively tested and used by exporters in each country to grant cover for costs, risks of missed paym...
  3. Commercial information

    It's very difficult to analyze the solvency of our own customers or potential customers, especially when they come from foreign countries. By being able to draw from the best commercial and financial information databases, your customers will not have any more se...
  4. Litigation management

    "Credit recovery" is a lengthy and expensive process, especially if addressed without the full knowledge of local regulations and business practices. On litigation management, Alias proudly reputes a high success rate, due to experience and energy dedi...
  5. Fiscal representation

    Alias takes your place in dealing with the Italian Fiscal Authorities and relieves your stockists from the bureaucratic obligations, making them to be more willing to buy a foreign product. By nominating Alias as your Fiscal Representative you can transform your...
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Alias Italy
Alias specializes in international credit management, credit insurance, tax and financial administration services: an important, sensitive sector in which the company has operated for many years on behalf of numerous foreign enterprises.
Our staff are highly specialized expert in this field
and our services are effective, safe and advantageous.
Through Alias all your administrative commitments are met on time, your obligations fulfilled, difficulties overcome, problems solved, promptly and economically, just as if you were dealing with matters personally.
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